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Saison Saturday

I am finally coming back around to saison style beers.

Initially farmhouse beers were one of my favourite styles but as more and more breweries tried their hand at crafting their own version I found myself sampling more and more misses than hits. After which I became a bit burnt out on the whole concept so like any diligent beer geek I quit cold turkey.

Perhaps it was my recent uprooting that got me (re)thinking that it was time to check back in or perhaps it was the fact that hot Ontario summers demand a different kind of beer but I got curious to see just what kind of saisons are brewing now.

So as I sit outside on this very warm and breezy Saturday listening to my neighbours blare music with lyrics like "Country girl, shake it for me" I am indulging in Saison from Black Oak Brewing Co. based in Toronto.

This unfiltered Belgian style ale pours a hazy, well carbonated orange colour with some airy white head. This beer has a big yeasty nose with lots of coriander. First few sips are light bodied, very orange flavoured with a slight funky taste. As you drink the citrus really stays at the forefront. Not a challenging saison but a perfect thirst quencher for a sunny Saturday. It is like a wheat beer infused with oranges, more than that little slice on the side of your glass usually imparts. The coriander and clove spiciness hits the back of your throat the more you drink while the finish brings the yeast back into the mix. Overall a very, very nice beer one that is making me think I stayed away from saisons a little too long…



And monkeys will fly…


In honour of my ├╝ber talented hubby and his newfound passion for restoring vintage audio equipment tonight I am trying out Stereovision an American Kristall Wheat beer from Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery based out of Barrie, Ontario.

First up I have to say a few words on the very cool label on this bottle; psychedelic colour scheme, trippy metallic font and a big eyeball staring back at ya from the bottle all tying perfectly into the beer name and the brewery ethos ‘Bee Beer Differently’.

Stereovision pours a bright gold colour with tons of white head and tons of carbonation. It is all wheat beer on the nose with the requisite banana and clove but when you take a few sips you realize this is not your standard wheat beer. The flavour is more pale ale with malt at the front and a slightly bitter finish but you do still get some wheat beer qualities; a nice depth, medium body and some spices. I like that the inclusion of elements of a ‘North American late-hopped beer’ (as described on the label) separates this beer from your standard wheat beer.

Overall a great way to cap off a night at the fair and a much better option than the Molson or Coors on tap in the beer garden!


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