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Beers Across Canada Day 2

Second day on the road and I cleared all those ugly mountains dominating the British Columbia landscape finally making it to the flatness where the day is broken up alternately by a cow, a cell phone tower, a garbage can or a sign post that euphemistically states important intersection ahead.

Tonight’s beer selection is (was) Chocolate Bunny Stout (aka Minhas Chocolate Bunny Stout) from Rhinelander Brewing Company based in Monroe, Wisconson.

Sadly this chocolate bunny never quite made it to the tasting stage as it unceremoniously rolled out of my mini fridge and onto the ceramic tiled floor where it promptly burst into many pieces.

As such I can only give my thoughts on appearance and nose. Pooling on the floor this beer was medium brown in colour with just a swirl of mocha coloured head. The nose was big and chocolately. In fact it smelled so good I contemplated grabbing a straw. Well no that’s not true, but I did think it would be quite sad if I drank it through a straw off the bathroom floor. I quite liked the fun label on this beer it’s use of simple colours and patterns, and that is about all I have to say.

Hopefully I stumble across another bottle before I leave Wild Rose country so I can flesh out this post a little more. In the meantime stay tuned to see where I land tomorrow evening and keep you fingers crossed that my next beer makes it slightly closer to consumption.



Beer Floats

Brooklyn Chocolate Stout is one of my favourite beers to experiment with because it is strong, well-balanced and relatively inexpensive.

On its own Brooklyn Chocolate Stout is dark brown black with lots of deep mocha coloured head. There is coffee and chocolate on the nose and in the flavour. It has a creamy mouthfeel but retains a bit of effervescence  which makes it very drinkable. There is a nice roasted finish.

From this base you can add a light fruity beer to make it sweeter and less alcoholy or you can kick up the coffee with some espresso vodka or you can add it to chocolate cupcakes to make them a little more adult.

But if you are feeling a little more adventurous you can add a couple spoonfuls of ice cream and voila you have a beer float!



Beer and Ice Cream together at Last…

I have been meaning to try out beer and ice cream for sometime now so when I opened the fridge and saw a cold chocolate stout and a pint of vanilla bean coconut ice cream I knew tonight was the night.

What does ice cream do for beer?

Lots. The ice cream melts into the stout ramping up the creamy mouthfeel of the beer. The vanilla flavour takes the edge off the roasty coffee notes like a wondrous cafe au lait. The ice cream reactivates the head creating a light porous layer on top of the beer. The finish becomes very smooth and sweet.

As a vegan bonus, the addition of ice cream lets me enjoy something similar to a milk stout or creamery beer without the milk additives.

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