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An Ode to my Beer Spouse

Fellow beer bloggers (and bloggers of all things), I am sure you are only too aware of how much time our respective hobbies consume. For normal people enjoying craft beer and beer culture is merely the by-product of a fun evening out with friends or an unexpected bonus during a weekend away. It is something done casually with little ‘work’ required before, during or after BUT for blogging beer geeks our hobby is anything but passive.


Cross-border weekends away are scheduled to coincide with beer festivals, tasting events are mandatory attendance, new beers are must-tries and new breweries are must visits. Conversations with unsuspecting liquor store clerks and cicerones can easily degrade into quasi-interrogations or better yet opportunities to pitch my latest blog topic. ‘Free time’ is spent taking pictures, taking notes and generally whiling away my time in front of WordPress.


Obviously this sounds like a lot of work, more than one mere mortal can endure, and so I would like to use this post to pay homage to the oft underrated and oft unheralded person behind the scenes… my long-suffering beer spouse.


Without the unwavering support of my beer spouse blogging would be much less fun. Sharing this whole adventure through craft beer is made infinitely more enjoyable with the company of a willing co-conspirator. My beer spouse acts as my sounding board and my editor-in-chief. He takes arty shots of glasses on tables and prettily sits for pictures in countless brewpubs. My beer spouse generously samples every new brew that comes into our lives, finishes those I dislike and offers opinions (sometimes begrudgingly) on nose, taste and finish. He dutifully drives the overindulgent blogger in his life home and puts her bed after a few too many. He functions as jack-of-all-trades to assist my home brewing attempts. But above all else and most importantly my beer spouse unequivocally supports and nurtures the crazy person in his life.


Often as I sit hunched over my laptop my better half wanders by and asks if I am blogging, usually I am, and then inevitably he asks (jokingly) if the post is about him. So this time out yes, this one is about you Babe! Love ya!


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