Out of the Cellar: Deschutes Brewery The Dissident 2012 Reserve

To honour the out of the ordinary weather inversion we were having here in Vancouver I thought it was time to pull another beer from the cellar; an added bonus of the cold weather at low elevations was I could chill this beer on my back porch!


The Dissident, a Belgian-style brown ale, is a blend of 20% malt beverage aged in French oak wine and 80% malt beverage brewed with cherries. This 2012 version had a recommended best after date of 8/20/13 but I always like to give my beers a little longer to develop their full potential.

The Dissident pours a reddish maple syrup colour, with slight haziness, good carbonation and some light airy head on the initial pour. You are left with a nice ring of head around the glass after a few minutes. Big red wine character on the nose, dark fruit and leather, with lots of malt to boot. This beer has one of the most aromatic noses I have smelled on a beer. First few sips are viscous, lots of dried cherry flavour and syrupy caramel malt. This is a very warming beer that you can feel long after you swallow. As you continue to drink the oakiness comes through but malt and fruit are the key flavours competing for your attention. While I have heard this beer called a sour, more accurately it is a wild ale, there is no real tartness to speak of instead The Dissident reminds me of kirsch cherries, all boozy, rich and sweet.

Overall yet another great beer from a brewery known for delivering consistently great beer.




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