New Brew Friday

It’s Friday once again and I hope this post finds everyone recovering nicely from their IPA day celebrations.

I marked this most sacred of beer geek holidays by finally breaking open my bottle of Sixty-One an IPA brewed with Syrah grape must.

Yup must, which at first glance does not really sound that appetizing but the all-knowing and all-seeing Wiki defines must (from the Latin vinum mustum, “young wine”) as freshly pressed juice that contains the skins, seeds, and stems of the fruit. Making must is the first step in wine making. Because of its high glucose content must is also used as a sweetener in a variety of cuisines. Unlike commercially sold grape juice, which is filtered and pasteurized, must is thick with particulate matter, opaque, and comes in various shades of brown and/or purple.


Dogfish Head Sixty-One


Dogfish Head Sixty-One 6.5%

Sixty-One pours a clear cranberry colour with just a light skim of white head and nice lacing. There is quite a lot of carbonation to this beer. Prominent grape juice nose with citrus hops. First couple sips, this beer seems like a typical Dogfish Head IPA (always a good thing) then you get a fruity sweetness on the finish. As you drink the Syrah character emerges more giving the IPA a bit of a spicy dark fruit flavour. The finish has a nice amount of bitter hoppiness.

Overall a very clean drinking beer that manages to marry characteristics from both the beer and the wine world. I like to think of this beer as bridging the gulf between beer drinkers and wine drinkers, a sort of olive branch saying hey, we’re not that different after all.


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