My (Last Year’s) New Beers Resolutions

Last year I set out a list of my hilariously named New Beers Resolutions and as one notorious for both rarely making or rarely keeping resolutions I thought I would re-visit the list to see how I did or didn’t fare on my goals.

  1. Relax and enjoy the act of drinking craft beer i.e. take a break from diligent note taking and photographing in order to actually savour the experience. Actually I think I did pretty good with this one though those who know me will interject with the fact that I have become a little co-dependent with the Untapped app on my phone; however, I like to think I can now take a quick picture, write a few thoughts or just bestow a couple of stars and voila I am back on track to just enjoy the experience of savouring a great beer. I rarely carry around my rate beer notepad and I have taken to relying on my memory more than any physical proof that I really did try and enjoy any given beer.
  2. Learn more about the ‘craft’ aspect of craft beer. Hmm, this one is a little subjective but in the course of various blog posts I have done some further research into what constitutes a ‘craft’ beer or ‘craft’ brewery and while I cannot say with certainty that any hard and fast label will remain in perpetuity to distinguish craft from macro I like to think  it will always be the beer drinkers who decide what truly represents the ‘craft’ aspect be it size, motivation, quality or a combination of many factors.
  3. Visit more of our local BC Breweries and tap houses. I did do this, in fact, I even spent a day at Steamworks Brewery assisting with their beer production. I also made a point of trying several new Washington and Oregon brewers anytime I was down in the States instead of simply re-visiting the places I know and love.
  4. Be discerning in my beer purchasing habits i.e. stop buying bottles with cool labels and start cultivating a means of selection. I like to think I am getting better at this but then along came my Pumpkin and Christmas Beer countdowns and all my bad habits re-surfaced with a vengeance i.e. funny beer names and creative labels became a de facto means of selection. Though I have to say I did my best to only splurge on beer styles I know and love, which means I have a little cache of Russian River sours and barrel aged stouts on hand for emergencies.
  5. Go to the Great American Beer Festival. Just didn’t do it so I am putting this back on the list and if I don’t make it to GABF I will got to the GCBF this year.
  6. Drink more beers on tap. In conjunction with my quest to try more tap houses I fulfilled this resolution with gusto. I am a big fan of draft beer often preferring what’s on tap to what’s in the bottle so this one wasn’t too hard for me.
  7. Get out of my comfort zone with home brewing. Not really but I do have another batch of ingredients ready to be made into a beer and I chose a random porter recipe to try so I think that kind of qualifies as meeting this resolution. To be honest, reflecting back on my decision to make this resolution I have to say I do not ever see me being a big home brewer, I really like to try different beer and the thought of being saddled with a lot of any one style is somewhat distressing.
  8. Become a certified beer judge (I see this as working in conjunction with resolution 1 since I would have a designated venue for critical drinking). Nope. I looked into becoming a beer judge and becoming a cicerone, both require a lot of work and commitment and I am uncertain about the degree of my desire to pursue either of these avenues. I think both certifications would be interesting challenges but at the end of the day I don’t see an immediate applicability to my workaday life, perhaps if someone in the industry wants to hire me I could consider beer judge or cicerone as career extensions.
  9. Make myself a beer calendar so I can keep on top of my inventory. Not really but I have been more on top of my inventory to ensure no lager gets left too long and no barley wine gets drunk too soon.
  10. Find additional ways to bake with craft beer. I did do this by incorporating pumpkin ale into a batch of chili, reducing golden ale with garlic and onion for an Irish stew and adding ice cream to stout for beer floats (not technically baking but creating nonetheless).
  11. Do more blogging (posting and reading) to get to know more people in this amazing family of craft beer enthusiasts. According to my handy dandy year end report from WordPress I really stepped up my game in terms of output last year increasing not only the number of posts but more importantly the numbers of both views and visitors for which I am eternally amazed and grateful.
  12. Help my cat cut back on his drinking problem… Well it’s been a tough haul for Merl but we finally got him switched over to hard liqour.


Merlyn and his Scotch


Happy New Year to all my readers and I am looking forward to a 2013 filled with many great beers, great beer events and the company of great beer geeks!


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