Pumpkin Beer Eighteen, All Hail the Pum(Queen)

If Southern Tier has the self-titled King I may have found them an eligible Queen…

It’s time for the penultimate beer and (thankfully) it’s a good one, a really good one in fact, Elysian Brewing Company’s Night Owl.



Night Owl pours a copper orange colour with lots of cream coloured head. The head dissipates quickly but does not leave the glass entirely. The clarity of the beer is quite good. There is TONS of pumpkin pie spices on the nose and TONS of pumpkin pie flavour as well. Night Owl is light bodied with a relatively low ABV (5.9%) but it really packs a pumpkin punch with the beer its’ got to work with. It is very clean drinking and you get a slight nuttiness (or seediness as this beer is brewed with pumpkin seeds) on the finish. If you like your pumpkin beers on the pie end of the spectrum this is definitely the one for you.


Elysian’s Night Owl warrants a nine out of ten on the candy-corn-0-meter.





Trick or treating had its roots in Europe. The custom known as “souling” dates back to the 9th century. On All Soul’s Day which is November 2nd, the poor would walk through the villages and go door to door begging for food. They would be given “soul cakes” which is a type of pastry made from bread and currants. They would promise to pray for dead relatives in return for receiving the “soul cakes”.

*Thanks Yahoo for the Hallowe’en Facts


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