So let’s go over this one more time… you’re a girl?

The other day I left my traditional position in front of the stove and decided to read the news. As a girl I usually strictly read the style section and perhaps my horoscope but today I saw a piece that really caught my eye. Written by Globe and Mail columnist Katrina Onstad, this article informed me that beer is now going to be marketed to women [insert hushed gasps and awes]. A short excerpt follows:

“Beer is brown. Apparently, this is a problem for me. It turns out that, as a woman, I require my beverages in a less threatening hue – like pink, which is the colour of a new “crisp rose beer” launching this fall in Britain. Animée is aimed at women, and also comes in white (clear filtered) and yellow (zesty lemon), because those are the colours of spring flowers, and ladies like flowers. It’s also less bloating, because ladies like skinny.

A rep for parent company Molson Coors said: “Women are an essential part of future growth for the beer industry and can no longer be ignored. We need to repair the reputation of beer among women by launching products that meet their needs.”

Intrigued to learn more about these previously unexplored facets of my personae I did a little more research into this notion of gendered beers. Turns out it is not just Molson that has discovered this previously untapped (no pun intended) 49% of the population. There is the German beer Karla, a Polish beer Karmi, Charli from Heineken (a cider beer hybrid), Heartland Brewery’s Berry Champagne Ale and Carlsberg’s Eve. If you would prefer to ease your way into these full-blown fem-ales I found a site listing cross-over beers, mostly casked Belgians???, to help usher you into the exciting new world of brews. All of the write-ups for these beers use women friendly words like fruity, sweet, lite, berry, fizzy, healthy, yadda, yadda, yadda. Perhaps even more insultingly these beers come in cutesy streamlined bottles adorned with floral motives. Is this the final frontier ladies? I am really not sure how this new marketing strategy will repair women’s relationship with beer; perhaps we were so tired of being portrayed as wet t-shirt models and Bavarian tarts that we will willinging embrace this new line-up of ales that oddly seem to have more in common with feminine hygiene products than craft brewing …sigh. Here’s a novel idea, why don’t we market beer to beer lovers?

*thanks to www.springwise.com;

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One response to “So let’s go over this one more time… you’re a girl?

  • Cindy

    I agree Beer Babe, make beer for beer lovers. Let the rest drink their White Zins, Arbor Mist, vitamin waters and Crystal Light. I will go for an oatmeal stout any day.

    However, I did always wonder why I like “hoppy” beer so much. I guess it’s because hops are flowers and well, as a girl, you just know I love flowers!

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